Teint de Neige Revisited

I know I have posted this already, but I feel I have to again because it has come to my attention that some people still think ‘Teint de Neige’ means ‘The Colour of Snow’ and I’m having a hard time convincing them that it doesn’t. It means ‘Snow-white Complexion’. The word ‘teint’ is not the same as ‘teinte’ (which means ‘shade, colour’). Anyway, ‘The Colour of Snow’ wouldn’t be translated as ‘Teinte de Neige’, but as ‘Couleur de Neige’.

Yes, I am aware the wrong English translation appears on the Lorenzo Villoresi website, but the English translator of the website was obviously not a native French speaker. I am. And ‘Snow-white Complexion’ is the correct translation.

We can’t be sure how the wrong translation came to pass, but this is what I think happened:

1) The Italian company employs an English-speaking person to translate its website.
2) That person has knowledge of Italian but not of French; they believe that ‘teint’ is the same as ‘teinte’ (probably because they pronounce the word wrongly and sound the ‘t’ on the end) and therefore mistranslate it as ‘colour’.
3) The Italian people know that ‘Teint de Neige’ means ‘Snow-white Complexion’, but they don’t have enough English to work out that ‘The Colour of Snow’ is wrong. They believe their English translator implicitly and don’t think to check with a French person who is also fluent in English.

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