And then there is this...


A word of caution about Forvo. I haven't tried it thoroughly, but even if a few of their pronunciation files are as inaccurate as the one for ‘Chypre’, which the Belgian speaker pronounces as ‘Chypré’, then you shouldn’t really use the site for French.

There are other such sites out there. Because most of them use chopped-up syllables stuck together to recreate the words you want to hear pronounced, they are totally unreliable. In the case of isolated words, the stress is bound to be in the wrong place, and, in the case of strings of words, the liaison will be missing, which will render the pronunciation useless. Sites that actually use speakers to say specific words are to be approached with caution too - unless you want to sound like Céline Dion (they seem to favour French Canadians for some unfathomable reason).